Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have decided to end REALITY: MOMENT OF CLARITY on blogger. It has MOVED to Reality! on Wordpress.

All new posts will be made on the new site.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'll Have A Coffee, Please. Thank You.

Question of the week: What is Spring break?

I'll tell you what it is: a week of waking up late, walking around without any pants on, thinking of having fun until you realize you need to study and do some research for upcoming essays, and making acquaintance with your new best buddy, Mr. Coffee.

That's what it is.

Some say it's about taking a break from school, going to the beach (if there is one near where you live - geez, I would love this), vacation to another continent, state, country, and whathaveyou. I say, "No, you have clearly been spending too much time on the internet." Not sure what that would have to do with spring break not being a break, but let it be whatever you make it to be.

The point is (if there actually is one) it only encourages you to become even more lazier than you are. Oh, sure it gives you a boost of "oh, yeah time for relaxing and a week off school" until you return to school only to realize you haven't studied for an exam. Mind you, I have never done that but I have drunk so much coffee during spring break two years ago that I had to stop drinking it for my health. Ya, four to five coffees per night will do that to you, and that's not even counting the amount during the day.

I would say (you know I love to ramble about stuff) that the worst part about spring break is that the NHL Trade Deadline is always the following week while I'm at school. Yes. However, lucky for me, the Boston Bruins have made their trades early (last Friday). OK. Enough hockey.

It's a blog about nothing and everything.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 11th Hour

I'm starting a new blog called The 11th Hour, in which I will be working intensely on for the next month or so. It is a solo course project based on the present media; the stress of economic failure, decline in employment, education and living, negative aspects in the world, and how it all ties into the end of the world.

I have not started anything as of yet. No blog post or introduction in the new blog, but I will as soon as possible.

Ask yourself, Is it the end?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nhl Trade Update

Several changes have been made via trades.

Eric Johnson (ST.L) was traded to Colorado
Eric Brewer (ST.L) was traded to Tampa Bay
Tomas Kaberle (TOR) was traded to Boston
Rich Peverley (ATL) was traded to Boston
Jarkko Ruutu (OTT) was traded to Anaheim

Monday, February 14, 2011

Trade Deadline 2011: Bruins Edition

Get your NHL apps on your Iphones or blackberry's. It's that time of year again - in two weeks actually (February 28). Trade Deadline. Buyers. Sellers. Winners. Losers. Picks, picks and future considerations. Overpaying stronzo's because they can. Last playoff push. More Leafs fans crying and smacking their heads on their keyboards (youtube that shit. Would be great if there is a video of this). Other fans bitching that their GM didn't give away the teams future for Ilya Kovalchuk ... oh wait.

I'm not a pro at this, I'm just a die hard Boston Bruins fan. And you can take that to the bank.

Alright, alright. Let's get down to business. What do you want for Zach Bogosian? A pair of skates and tickets to a Justin Bieber concert? Hell, take his fucking hair piece.

Every has been blogging about trade rumors, players they want their team to acquire and you get the drill. Don't worry, this isn't a "I'll trade you Claude Julien and a bag of pucks for a book on how to have a successful Power Play!" Though some idiotic Bruins fan would consider it.

OK. Today I thought about the potential players that the Boston Bruins would be interested in and would definitely help the team improve this year, and hopefully in the long run. There are two things the Bruins are looking for: A puck-moving defenseman (PMD) and a center. There is also a good chance that they acquire a winger and have Seguin play center for the rest of the year, or have Wheeler as center if he is still with the club after the trade deadline.

After going through a load of players I came up with this list of D & FWD.

Zach Bogosian
Joe Corvo
Joni Pitkanen
John-Michael Liles
Fedor Tyutin
Brent Burns
Erik Johnson
Eric Brewer
Tomas Kaberle

C Rich Peverly
RW Milan Hejduk
LW R.J. Umberger
RW Jakub Vorachek
C Brad Richards
RW Ales Hemsky
C John Madden
C Jason Arnott
LW Jarkko Ruutu
RW Scottie Upshall
C Andy McDonals

Obviously there are some players on there that will cost the Bruins a whole lot, and may not even be worth it in the end. For example, Tomas Kaberle is what the Bruins need - a PMD - but not only would his future in Boston be up in the air since he's a UFA at the end of the year, it will cost Boston at least a first round pick, a good prospect and a roster player (perhaps Wheeler). Personally, if I'm the Bruins and I really want Tomas Kaberle, I wait until July 1st. Yes, there will be competition, but the Bruins will have cap space. Joni Pitkanen & Andrei Markov are also free agents. However, I'm quite skeptic about Andrei Markov.

Here are my top 3 from the selected Ds & FWDs (top being the greatest chance, in my opinion, of being a Bruin):

1. Zach Bogosian
Smooth and speedy defenseman who is can definitely helps the Bruins on the PP. However, every star comes with a price to pay. He's young and has enormous potential on being a solid #2 in Boston. This will cost Boston a first round pick (more or less Boston's, not Toronto's), Blake Wheeler, Mark Stuart and a good prospect.

2. Fedor Tyutin
Many don't know much about him because he has been playing in Columbus, but he would be a pretty good addition to the Bruins PP. I do not think he is the best D available, nor do I think he is awesome, but I can definitely see the Bruins acquire him. A hunch, I guess.

3. John-Michael Liles
Honestly, this is the guy I want the Bruins to acquire if they cannot land Bogosian. Apparently, there is a rift between Liles and Avs coach, Joe Sacco. He's making around 4 million per year, but he would be a great addition for the Bruins. If it gets done, then look for one of Boychuk or Stuart going to Colorado along with a 2nd round pick and prospect. Maybe more, but I can definitely see 2 of those 3 being included in the package.

1. Rich Peverley
Well, we all know the Bruins are shopping for a center. Probably not one that is signed for another 2-3 years because we are still not sure about Marc Savard. I know, I know. Peverley is signed for another year. However, he does not make much and will also come with a low risk, high reward. Peverley does have the instincts of a good passer; he is the poor man's Savard. Still good.

2. John Madden
Before you bitch about this, here me out. Madden is a superb shut down center. Yes, he's close to forty years old but he is also a free agent at the end of the year and won't cost much to acquire. Maybe just a 4th rounder. If the Bruins do acquire him, then there is a good chance Greggory Campbell gets a shot at the third line for the time being. And I would not have any trouble with that. Wheeler-Campbell-Ryder & Seguin-Madden-Thornton. Sign me up.

3. Brad Richards
I just had to put him in the top 3. Do the Bruins acquire him by the 28th? Probably not. In fact, I highly doubt they do get him. But you just never know.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monsters of the Week

Two things have been bugging me for a while. One dates back to last April, and the other last November. Supernatural and Fringe, respectively.

I still believe, strongly that is, that Supernatural should have ended last year - their 5th season. It should have been it, series done.
Sam accepts to be Lucifers host, and successfully throws himself in the cage. As a result, Lucifer cannot destroy the world, Sam sacrifices himself for the good of mankind, and his brother, Dean, goes on to start a family and live a normal life.

It should have ended there. I was satisfied with that ending. I really was. However, they did make Sam reappear at the end to provide a "twist" for the following season. Dumb. The main creator and writer, Eric Kripke, had planned 5 seasons, and did so. He left the show in the hands of other writers - some had been there from the beginning - to continue the series. To fuck it up ... I mean, provide more arcs. Sorry.

The sixth season is already underway (right now it is at their fourteenth episode). Although it has some decent moments, some pretty good episodes, it is convoluted and filled with bad stories and a plot (which is wishy washy) that is clearly being rushed and slightly forced. Shit, I cannot believe I said wishy washy. I love the show, I really do. Anyone that knows me, knows that Supernatural is my favorite show. And I will continue to watch it because it is something I started watching from the beginning and it is a show like no other. I just hope that the CW network don't fucking milk this series like they did with that piece of shit series called Smallville.

As for Fringe, and I'll make it quick, it is not going to last much longer. Why? Because Fox is a fucking douche bag. They ruin every good show or shows that have the potential, yet keep stupid, dumb fuck shows such as American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Glee, etc etc. What happened to shows like Firefly? Arrested Development? Yeah, I know. So Fringe, which was on Thursdays, has moved to Fridays in 2011. And yes, their ratings are falling. Falling, falling, falling. There is still hopes for a 4th season, but it is starting to look dim right now. Honestly, I would not be surprised if Fringe is renewed for a fourth season only to have pulled within 5-10 episodes into the new season.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Third Week & Clock Is Ticking

Don't know what I will be writing about. Though it does make it more exciting, no? Maybe I will talk about anthropology, or this kick-ass novel by Don DeLillo called Players. Or maybe this awful, weird looking, tastes-like-shit beer I am having. Don't know how I have drank half at this point. And I keep taking sips. Damn, this beer is something, huh? Bare with me, I have 4 1/2 hours to kill before the hockey game.

Alright, back to this "beer." It's light, shiny yellow - the color of piss. It's two weeks in a row that my father bought this beer .... two weeks in a row. Last week I tried it for the first time. I thought it was at best O.K. At best. Then I thought, "well, maybe the pizza I was eating had an effect on my perception of this beer." OK, so I had my second the other day. If the pizza had any effect on the beer, then it only made the taste less awful - if that is possible. Yeah.

Today, right now, is the third time I've opened this type of beer. Why? Well, I honestly thought it was Brahma (Brazil beer) until I had a sip. Damn, was I ever fucking wrong. Nope. It's Sleeman: Silver Creek Lager.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. West

I can sit here all day and tell you about all sorts of things like why I love Rage Against the Machine, or why watching sports isn't as fun as it used to be, and so on. OK, not all day, but you catch my drift. Too many things to talk about, and to be honest, I don't want to clutter this blog with posts-after-posts of utter crap or unimportant stuff. Then again, I probably already do. But at least I'm limiting it, right?

Alright, without further ado I present to you my choice of Best Album of 2010: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. If you ask me (which you probably are), Kanye West is an underrated artist. Sure he has said and done a lot of dumb things while being in the limelight, but his music talents (vision, producing music, rapping, etc) should not be brushed aside. We all know about the whole Taylor Swift incident: Kanye interrupting Swift's one true moment of "honor" by saying Beyonce should have won the award. Immature? Yes. Was he right about America turning a blind eye to real/true art and culture? Of course he was. Hate him all you want, but Kanye never tries to be someone he's not. It's like watching a Guns N' Roses concert live: Axl Rose will come on stage late - always has, and always will - don't expect him to perform on time. Kanye West is, well, Kanye West. Talented, big ego (oh, does he ever), says what he feels when he feels like it, and so on. He admits it himself.

Despite doing some dumb things, Kanye West is a great artist who goes beyond the limits in the musical world, and isn't afraid to deliver a different style of music. In other words, Kanye West invests heavily in the art of music.

Enough of my rambling. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy gives off the impression of an egotistic maniac trying to do so many things in a short amount of time. Add the sexual fantasies, twisted humor, insanely good flow in both the beat and the singers/rappers, and a bit of almost every genre, and you've got My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Sounds a lot and all over the place, and in a way it is - but in a very good, yet complex way. Sort of a big sound. Kanye, again, trying to deliver something different from his other albums. Mission accomplished.

I will admit it. The first two, three times I heard the new album, I said to myself, "Different. Seems loud (rhythm, layers, etc), and it's missing something." It was missing something alright: my deep attention. I expected something more akin to Late Registration or Graduation, but what I got was something totally different - something that tested the waters and was different than any rap album. Kanye did it again.

Song list:
1. Dark Fantasy
2. Gorgeous
3. Power
4. All of the Lights (Interlude)
5. All of the Lights
6. Monster
7. So Appalled
8. Devil in a New Dress
9. Runaway
10. Hell of a Life
11. Blame Game
12. Lost in the World
12. Who will Save America

Ones in bold are my favorite. The first half of the album is in-your-face, heavy rhtym and vocals; the second half is more light, and artsy. Runaway is a perfect example of Kanye breaching the limits and delivering Art.

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Like That Y'All

Things, music and some bullshit (pronounced: buuuuull-sheeeeeet).

If there is one thing I failed to do this year (among many, I guess) it is keeping this blog fresh and updated every week. There was less quantity and less quality this year. A shame. I do not post for the sake of posting. Well, you already know that. Though I haven't posted much quality stuff either.

Fuck. I've said this way too much. However, once again, I will say that I will try hard to post a lot more - quality - on this blog.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Passionless, Horse Shit, Disinterested and Lost: It's Called Bruins

Let's end this year with a bang - this blog, I mean. Something that has been itching within me lately. More aggravating than usual. Less fun and more horse shit, to be honest. Now, I'm not the one to bitch and complain about things. Those that know me, know that I am a passionate hockey fan - a Bruins fan.

I'm not biased, but I can be too faithful to my team. Let's face it, every sports fan does this. However, I am fair as much as I can be. If a bullshit penalty is given to the opponent, then I will say it is bullshit. If a goal should have counted, for the bruins or the opponent, then I will say it should have counted. Obviously, if it is the opponent I would say something like, "That is a fucking goal, but lucky for us (bruins) it didn't count. Once again, the refs and this league are inconsistent and do a fucking garbage job." Yes, I used profanity because I'm being true to you and myself. That's what I would say, more or less.

For example, last night's (Wednesday) game against the Sabres, the bruins could and should have taken the lead. Miller (Sabres goalie) purposely came out of his crease to stop the puck. Simultaneously, Thornton (Bruin played) collides with Miller. The puck did not touch Thornton or Miller, but it landed on Marchand's (bruin player) stick and he banked it in easily. The goal was called off because of goalie interference. Thornton was penalized, and this changed the momentum of the third period in favor of the Sabres who ended up winning the game. I have an enormous problem with the refs call. No way should the goal have been called off. Miller decides to be a jackass that he is and leaps out of his crease in anticipation of the shot from the blue line. The puck never reaches him. He was out of the crease - out of the crease. Sure, Thornton collides with him (no intent which is seen on the play). Once again, Miller was way out of his crease - about a foot or two. Once a goalie is out of his crease to challenge a shot, then all bets are off unless the intent is obvious - the player clearly vying to knock the goalie out. This was not there last night (Wednesday). Thornton was heading for the top of the crease - standing in front of the goalie when your team is in the offensive zone is part of hockey. However, Miller decides it would be fun to go out of his crease. Hell, he might be looking for a cookie for all I know. That's the story.

I'm sick and tired of these so-called NHL refs continuously being inconsistent. Sure, humans make errors. It's a given. But aren't you sick and tired of this excuse? I know I am. They call a penalty to one team, but don't seem to think it's a penalty when the other team does it. Then they get offended that they're being called names on the ice. Oh, shut up! If you were doing your job right, then you wouldn't be hearing players calling you out.

For example, last night (Wednesday) - yes, I'm going back to the same game - Milan Lucic (Bruins) makes a legal hit - crisp and clean as it can get - yet he is called for boarding. This is in the first period. Complete bullshit penalty. Oh, and the Sabres capitalize to tie the game on the powerplay. Then later in the third - late in the third, actually - Vanek and Myers (both Sabre players) do the exact same thing to Lucic. Exact same sort of hit. By the way, Lucic did not have the puck. Refs don't call it, so Lucic let's the refs have it. After the game, Lucic said he called the refs a "joke" and an "embarrassment." Rightfully so, if I may add. For those comments (with less than 2 minutes left in the game while the Bruins trailed by one), Lucic is assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct. What a way for a ref to look big and tough, huh? Stupid. Just stupid. Give the guy a misconduct (10 minutes, out of the game and NO power play for the Sabres), but not an unsportsmanlike conduct that put the Sabres on the power play - basically giving the game to the Sabres. Once again, let me reiterate, I'm not being biased here. Plain and simple: a ref should not penalize a player like that with less than 2 minutes for something said that did not warrant a penalty to begin with. Hell, if unsportsmanlike conducts were given for every time a player says something like that on the ice, then the game would be incredibly slow and just painful to watch. Bottom line: the ref (if he really needed too, apparently he did) should have given Lucic a misconduct. It seemed, to me at least, that the ref (O'Rourke) took it as a way to punish the Bruins and not Lucic.

On to the next one.

Tonight's game against the Montreal Canadiens. Rivalry game - game that should easily pump up both teams no matter how bad they have been playing lately. How should I say this? I'll sum up the bruins performance in tonight's game in two words: horse shit. And I mean every fucking word. There is too much anger from my part towards the bruins players right now after watching this horse shit of a performance. Lack of everything - passion, compete level, heart, skating, desire. Everything. It's missing, and I am starting to wonder what goes on in that locker room. I like Zdeno Chara, but games like these make me question his leadership, his captaincy, which he got without even playing a single game for the bruins.

The first period was .... wait for it .... horse shit. Absolutely horse shit. The penalty shot awarded to the Canadiens did not exist. You are going to tell me that that entitles a penalty shot? Really? That? Should I clean your glasses because they look fogged to me. That short penalty shot, surprisingly, ended up costing the bruins the game. That's what some fans would argue. I'll take it in another direction. That penalty shot was bullshit, did not exist, but it was not what costed the bruins the game. Sure, it took away any momentum from the bruins - did they even have any? - but it was not the reason for the bruins to play like ... wait for it ... horse shit.

Sloppy everything. Sloppy passes. Sloppy skating. Sloppy energy. I would probably be more entertained watching a horse attempt to skate on ice than see this bruins team play like that again. Scratch that, I would be entertained. Hell, I'll go fucking dance with the fucking horse. I'll be the first in line.

The bruins need to pull their heads out of their asses - if it is not too deep in there - and start playing for the B-crest on the chests. Enough of the horse shit plays and lack of everything. Memo to the so-called bruins players: the third period is not fucking Christmas every fucking game! You're not going to pull comebacks every fucking game. Enough is enough. I definitely enjoyed kicking my bruins cap in frustration after the second period. Damn, did it take a beating - just like the bruins tonight.

Oh, and that power play. Don't get me started on the power play. In fact, I will cut this short before I throw this laptop into the snow. The power play is a joke. A total joke. Horse shit. Disaster. You name it - for the record, I'm calling it horse shit just like the teams performance last night and tonight (Thursday). Three power plays in the third, when you are trailing by 2 goals, and you only manage to have ONE fucking shot?!! ONE? ONE? Really? ONE fucking shot? Mind you, the Bruins scored on that lone shot (that was on their third power play in the third period). But ONE? One fucking shot? Wow, I'll tell you what, the bruins were motivated and really wanted to win the hockey game.

Fuck that shit.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Reminder

I'm going to keep this brief. Just a few things to keep in mind. I was going to write about the whole Colin Campbell - Marc Savard news - emails about Campbell's criticizing NHL refs and Savard for being a "little faker" - but decided not to. If, by chance, I decide to change my mind, then I will write about it - I'll give myself November 24th as the last day to write it.

Furthermore, the shit loads of essays and exams have clogged my preferred schedule of writing on this blog at least twice a week. It's tough, and it will be tough to do so until December 13. I haven't even posted anything on my poem/lyrics blog this month. It seems like it will be the first time ever that at least one poem/lyric is not blogged.

I have not written much on here for the last month or so. It is a shame, really. I will not abandon this blog, though. That's a guarantee. Anyways, I do want to start working on a short story - a story that will rise as I write. Or go up in smoke.

- Claudio

November Edition *Updated*

Same as the October edition. And yes, I promise to get back to blogging stuff other than predictions.

(3) @ Buffalo 5-2 W Brad Marchand 1G (SH) 1A [BINGO]
4-2 W Nathan Horton 2G

(5) @ Washington 5-3 L Michael Ryder 1G 1A
3-1 W Tim Thomas 37 saves

(6) St. Louis 2-1 SOL
4-1 W Nathan Horton 2G

(10) @ Pittsburgh 7-4 W Shawn Thornton GWG
2-1 OTL Tuukka Rask 34 saves

(11) Montreal 3-1 L
5-1 W Milan Lucic 3G

(13) Ottawa 2-0 L
3-0 W Michael Ryder 2G

(15) New Jersey 3-0W [BINGO]
3-1 W Patrice Bergeron 3A

(17) @ NY Rangers 3-2 W [BINGO]
3-1 W Tyler Seguin 2G

(18) Florida 4-0 W [BINGO] - Lucic 3G, Horton 3A
4-2 W Nathan Horton 2G 2A

(20) Los Angeles 4-3 SOL
3-1 L Jordan Caron 1G

(22) @ Tampa Bay 3-1 L
5-3 W David Krejci 4A

(24) @ Florida 3-1 W
3-2 L Greggory Campbell 1G (his first as a Bruin)

(26) Carolina 3-0 L
6-1 W Brad Marchand 2G

(28) @ Atlanta 4-1 L
3-1 W Zdeno Chara 2G

Home Games: 7
Road Games: 7
November Record: 4-10
Prediction Record: 8-14 (4-4)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Schedule Predictions: October Edition *Updated Oct 31

Alright, folks. I have decided to stick with hockey for this blog post. This is going to be used for predictions (games | goal scorers) concerning the Boston Bruins only. I have written my predictions from the beginning of this season on a small piece of paper, and have now just decided to shove it here. Yes, shove it.

I will bump this blog post during and after every Bruins game. I also have zero intentions of altering the predictions in my favor; this would just defeat the purpose of having some fun. My prediction of the score, and which Bruins will have a great game, will be posted under the scheduled game. Beside the team will be the actual score.

Games from October 9 to 21 have already been played, but I will put what I thought was going to happen the day of the game.

(9) Phoenix (Prague) 5-2 L Horton 2G
4-1 W Nathan Horton 2G 1A

(10) @Phoenix (Prague) 3-0 W Krejci 2A [Bingo]
4-2 W Milan Lucic 1G 2A

(16) @ New Jersey 4-1 W
2-1 L Greggory Campbell 1G

(19) @ Washington 3-1 W Krejci 1G 1A [Bingo]
4-3 OTW Michael Ryder 2G (GWG)

(21) Washington 4-1 W Bergeron 2A
4-2 L Patrice Bergeron 2G

(23) New York Rangers 3-2 L Horton 1G 1A
3-1 W Blake Wheeler 1G 1A

(28) Toronto 2-0 W Seguin's 1st goal in Boston [Bingo]
5-2 W Michael Ryder 2G 1A

(30) @ Ottawa 4-0 W Tim Thomas back-to-back shutouts [Bingo]
4-1 W Nathan Horton 2G

*October 23: Prediction for that game is in. So far I am 2-3 (right-wrong: terms of predicting wins/losses). There are 3 games remaining this month, and the only team that I can see us having a tough time beating is New York because of Henrik Lundqvist.

*October Record: 4-4

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Month Of [Heavy] Rain (Hold Onto Your Minds)!!

November, November, the month not to remember.

Indeed. In-deeeed. A surplus of shit. A tower of books to read, highlight, note and shut. Revise, crack fingers, stretch and look at notes again. Get up, stretch (again), look at the books, look at the floor, then the books again.

Open the front door. Put all the books, which are needed to complete a load of essays, on top of each other. Take a couple of steps back. Stop. Stretch neck. Stare at the tower of books. Now look outside. It's raining. Heavy rain. Thunder. You hear thunder. Get ready. Get that adrenaline pumping. Faster. Faster. Now charge and kick those books out of the freaking house.

At that moment you will wake up. A smile planted on your face. A great dream. A great idea. Yeah.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown: Top T.V Shows [6-10]

A few blog posts back (I believe the one before the hockey stats) I went on sort of a tangent discussing about the Wire. I stopped, then began talking about an idea for my next blog post: my 10 favorite shows (airing and have aired). From there I do not know what the hell I was writing or thinking at the moment. I know I did not go into much, or any detail about why I like the Wire, but I decided to blog it nonetheless. Remember, the point of this blog is not to be articulate, fancy or some New York Times fucking report. Sorry about the profanity, I just had to. No, this blog is more about saying whatever comes up in my mind.

Anyways. I decided to split this in two parts. At first I though, "sure, I'll blog my top 5 favorite shows." But I decided it would be more exciting if I would blog my top 10 shows and split it in two blog posts. Suspense, I guess. If there is any. No big deal.

I figure it would be boring if I just listed the show with a number attached to it. No purposes blogging that, really. Instead, for each show I list there will be a short paragraph about why it's listed, the good/bad, ect ect. What makes the show better than the others.

Let me tell you this, it is not easy to come up with the top 10. It's even harder to come up with my 5 favorite shows. In order to be ranked in my top 10, the show must have completed at least one season. Though, I must admit that I already knew what show was my number 1. Without further blabbing, let's get this ball rolling.

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm

The last of the pile; the last piece to the puzzle, but certainly not the least favorite show. Although it was not hard choosing my number 1 favorite show, choosing the tenth was a challenge. More like having one last lollipop, but two kids who want it. OK, that's not a great example, but it points out the problem. It was either 24, the thrilling, action-packed shoot-'em-up-and-ask-questions-later (OK, not really. Opposite that last point), or a comedy show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, about an arrogant, pain-in-the-ass dude who created the show Seinfeld. (24, as you already know, or should, is about Jack Bauer, CTU [Counter Terrorist Unit], who fights terrorism in ONE day!).

Fuck was this one hard. I love both shows. However, it came down to which show was more consistent throughout its seasons and which was more entertaining. Curb Your Enthusiasm won the number tenth spot; it has had seven solid and entertaining years. A show filled with stupid comedy, which always satisfies me. This is not to say that 24 is awful or not entertaining. It was to a certain point; the first three seasons were brilliant - great pace, solid story, good cast, and just enough action. However, the next 5 seasons weren't as close to the glory of seasons 1,2 and 3. Now this is not to say it wasn't a good show. The show in my view began declining by season 6. I still watched it because I liked Jack Bauer and the action, though silly at times, provided just about enough to continue watching. After a while it came to the point that I was just watching out of loyalty (this was season 7-8).

Curb Your Enthusiasm, on the other hand, had great guest stars (Ted Danson, Super Dave Osborne, and a shit load of other greats!), and very little dull moments (very rare actually). Some of the conversations Larry David (creator of Seinfeld and main character) has with other characters on the show are outright hilarious and stupid at the same time. One of the few shows that I can quote from the top of my head. Seven solid seasons, folks. Consistent.

Here's a scene from the show: Doctor's Phone.

9. Lost

Remember that show that everyone was talking about six years ago? A plane filled with passengers crashes on a mysterious island. A dozen or so survive. Then weird stuff begins to happen: smoke monster, disease/physical and mental problems are mysteriously healed, numerous hatches underground, and odd folks, a.k.a the Others, living there for many years. Yeah, that freaking show. Some followed it religiously, others tuned in to see what the fuck was happening. Others didn't give a fuck. Well, I was tuned in to find out what was happening. Luckily I never became obsessed with the show. Sure, I read message boards and had discussions about the show and what was happening, but christ I never became obsessed with it while wearing tin foiled hats.

It was a good show. Great marketing, too. For six seasons the writers enjoyed fucking with the viewers mind. Six freaking years. Take a moment to grasp that. Six. There were times where it was beyond confusing - just stupid. And there were times when the show strived and looked brilliant - i.e. developing characters in the first 3 seasons. The flashbacks were superbly done, and then they switched to flash-forwards, which was handled well, too. Although the writing and direction of the show became more shaky in the second half of the series, it was structured well enough to provide entertainment and build mystery to characters - some that never appeared again, or were never fully develop. More like lost in the smoke. Yet, it was by far one of the most entertaining shows in the last 6 years. Perhaps the most successful in building the mysterious Island.

One day I will re-watch all the seasons, but that will be a hell of a summer. Evangeline Lilly is a bonus.

8. Seinfeld

Another show that involved Larry David. Seinfeld. Classic, I must say. This will be the shorter of the bunch here. What can I say that has not been already said all these years. The show, which last aired in 1998, had eight brilliant years. Repeats are always on t.v. (check, you will see them), and watching the same episodes never get old. George's Exploding Waller, Tribute to Kramer,George's Blind Date

7. Californication

The show about sex, I mean writing. I mean sex. OK, a bit of both. Well, plenty of sex. Necessary to the writing of the story. Let me pause for a moment. Fooling around, making love with women and being a famous writer who has hit a wall - yeah, that writers block thing. That's Hank Moody (David Duchovny). Sex addict. Fiend. Mr. Wood.

There are those who get turned off by the amount of sex in a show like Californication. 'It's too much'. 'Is it really necessary?' And then you get the casual, "God damn it, Moody. Keep for dick in your pants and write a fucking book!" I find those people weird and just plain boring. Well, fortunately for viewers who enjoy a good story with great dialogue and a purpose, Hank Moody does not keep his dick in his pants all the time. But since I'm on the topic let me assure you that the show is not about sex. Sure, there is sex in the show - it is necessary. However, sex is used by Hank Moody to release stress, deal with insecurity and writers block. His life is fun and full of exotic excitement, but his family life is in most part in shambles. He's not married, but has had an on-and-off relationship with the mother of his only daughter.

It's a show that, unlike other comedies, does not focus on delivering punch lines, sex jokes or adding dumb viewers. Though it can never be tiring to hear sex jokes. It's fresh. I think that is how I can describe it best. I am sure that there have been many shows before Californication that have tried to come off fresh and put forward this sort of story and focus, but I cannot think of any that have done as great a job as Californication. It's different and fresh. There is not any laugh track (thank goodness) and the jokes aren't forced, repeated or even focused on. You need to pay attention to the witty dialogue; it demands the attention of the viewer, which is always good for a show.

Here's a scene from the first season that gives you a glimpse of what the show is about, and how sex, comedy smoothly merges into a serious situation: Hank Moody goes to Church.

6. True Blood

This could have been slotted as my fifth favorite show, but some thought and hard decisions later I came to agreement that True Blood belonged at number six. This is not your typical Vampire genre where love is displayed as some sort of emo thing, and vampires are sucking blood from every useless woman's neck. Twilight series and Vampire Diaries can take their bullshit and shove it straight up their ass. Those two shows are an embarrassment to the concept of Vampires.

Unlike the Twilight series (novels), True Blood takes pride in building characters and delivering a solid and satisfying story of vampires and other mythical creatures. Sure there are one or two annoying characters in the show, but it is not because they are badly written or because they lack acting. No. It fits what the character brings to the show and how he or she is utilized (properly of course!). For example, Jason Stackhouse, the sister of Sookie (mind reader, hot body, not the typical blond, and loves Bill, a vampire), is promiscuous. He is dumb, fucks almost every girl he lays eyes on, but has a good heart. To me, he is not annoying. But I can see how he can be annoying for some.

Like Californication, sex is part of True Blood; the good thing is that both shows do not overuse it or just put it in the show for the sake of putting it. No. I am not a passionate fan of Vampires. I am not interested in learning about Vampire history or watching a show/movie about Vampires. But, True Blood is an exception. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how I got into this show. The characters and story are better developed and far more interesting than the shows above (Californication, Seinfeld, Lost & Curb Your Enthusiasm). There are a lot of great characters that bring something different to the table: Lafayette (Cook, and part-time drug dealer), Sam (transforms into animals, and is the owner of the local bar/restaurant), Tara (troubled childhood, best friend of Sookie, and always gets stirred up in some shit), Andy (local police office turned sheriff, witty, and always looks out for the betterment of others), etc etc.

Here's a scene with another great character, Eric (Vampire): contains spoilers Eric visits the Queen.

And there you have it, my favorite shows from number ten to six. The top five will be blogged sometime this week, but I cannot promise on a certain date because I am quite busy.

Countdown: Top T.V Shows [1-5]

*[This has been written after the blog post above. I figured it would be best to have the top 6-10 before seeing the top 1-5.]*

As promised, I will post my favorite five television series. Some are currently airing, while others have already ended airing. Like any other topic, there will be debates on why this show is ranked higher than that show, and vice-versa. Or there won't be any debates on this post simply because people are too shy to comment (Don't be!). Either way, I still write and have fun; that is the important thing.

Keep in mind that I am not suggesting, implying or dictating that these are the best t.v shows being televised or have been televised. Simply not the case. This is just one man's opinion on what are the 10 best shows for him (yes, that is me). Then again, I have already stated this in the blog post, Countdown: Top T.V Shows [6-10].

Note: This has been around for the last 10 days, and I haven't gotten the chance to include reasons for all shows. Therefore, I excluded the reasons I did have (which was very little) and decided to post this (what you have below this). I will include my reasons shortly; I just thought it would be best to get this out there before I forget.

5. Fringe
4. Breaking Bad
3. The Wire
2. The X-Files
1. Supernatural

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bruins Current & Potential Lineups

Minor changes to previous blog post (2 down posts down), Projected Stats: Boston Bruins Edition. My predictions have been finalized by October 7. However, I feel that I should add the various projected lineups here. As already stated, Marco Sturm is projected to return to the lineup in late November, while Marc Savard status is unclear. It was said that perhaps Savard may return in December, maybe in 2011. The thing with concussions and depression is that there isn't a timetable. But Savard will undergo a test or two in the next 10 days and that may help determine a sort of timeline when he might be back. Let's hope for the best.

Here are my projected lineups

Offense (To start the year) Without Marc Savard

Milan Lucic - David Krejci - Nathan Horton
Jordan Caron - Patrice Bergeron - Mark Recchi
Blake Wheeler - Tyler Seguin - Michael Ryder
Daniel Paille - Gragory Campbell - Shawn Thornton
Scratch: Brad Marchand

There is still a good possibility that Jordan Caron is sent down; Marchand would be on the third line, Wheeler would move to the second line and Brian McGrattan would be the scratch.

Offense: With Marc Savard (No Marco Sturm)

Milan Lucic - David Krejci - Nathan Horton
Blake Wheeler - Marc Savard - Michael Ryder
Mark Recchi - Patrice Bergeron - Tyler Seguin
Daniel Paille - Gregory Campbell - Shawn Thornton
Scratch: Brad Marchand

Jordan Caron would be the likely candidate sent down. I can see many different combination's when Marc Savard returns. However, I do think Krejci-Horton will be a tough line to break, and Savard will need sometime to get back into the game. Eventually when Savard is back on track, he will be re-united with Lucic and possibly have Seguin on the other wing.

Offense: With Marco Sturm (No Marc Savard)

Milan Lucic - David Krejci - Nathan Horton
Blake Wheeler - Patrice Bergeron - Mark Recchi
Marco Sturm - Tyler Seguin - Michael Ryder
Daniel Paille - Gregory Campbell - Shawn Thornton
Scratch: Brad Marchand

Offense: With Marco Sturm & Marc Savard

Milan Lucic - Marc Savard - Nathan Horton
Blake Wheeler - David Krejci - Tyler Seguin
Marco Sturm - Patrice Bergeron - Mark Recchi
Daniel Paille - Gregory Campbell - Shawn Thornton
Scratch: Brad Marchand

This makes for a very interesting and dominant lineup. With both Savard and Sturm back, Boston would have to shed some salary since they will be over the cap. The most likely target would be Michael Ryder and his 4 million cap hit. But who would take him? His value would be very low, but considering he will be a rental there might just be buyers early in the month. There isn't any space to have Savard, Sturm AND Ryder at the same time unless someone else gets hurt and lands on the LTIR.

I really like Option C. Stanley Cup contenders? I believe so. Boston have a great shot at winning at least one Stanley Cup in the next 4-5 years. Reason? Mainly talent, system & depth.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Projected Stats: Boston Bruins Edition *Updated: Final!*

Projected Points:
David Krejci: 80GP 22G 66A 88PTS 28PIM
Patrice Bergeron: 78GP 19G 43A 62PTS 28PIM
Tyler Seguin: 82GP 17G 27A 44PTS 34PIM
Gregory Campbell: 80GP 6G 11A 17PTS 51PIM
*Marc Savard: 40GP 10G 22A 32PTS 24PIM

Left Wingers
Milan Lucic: 76GP 23G 28A 51PTS 137PIM
Blake Wheeler: 82GP 25G 25A 50PTS 49PIM
Jordan Caron: 22GP 3G 7A 10PTS 19PIM
Daniel Paille: 76GP 8G 12A 20PTS 26PIM

Right Wingers
Nathan Horton: 78GP 38G 38A 76PTS 69PIM
Michael Ryder: 82GP 27G 24A 51PTS 22PIM ***
Mark Recchi: 82GP 17G 28A 45PTS 46PIM
Shawn Thornton: 67GP 1G 7A 8PTS 164PIM

Brad Marchand: 33GP 2G 5A 7PTS 48PIM
Brian McGrattan: 15GP 0G 0A 0PTS 37PIM
Zach Hamill: 8GP 1G 1A 2PTS 2PIM
*Marco Sturm: 47GP 13G 11A 24PTS 26PIM

*** If Michael Ryder gets traded when Marco Sturm & Marc Savard come back, then here's the numbers I think he'll put out:
40GP 15G 12A 27PTS 14PIM

Zdeno Chara: 81GP 15G 39A 54PTS 109PIM
Dennis Seidenberg: 76GP 5G 31A 36PTS 67PIM
Johnny Boychuk: 78GP 12G 19A 31PTS 74PIM
Matt Hunwick: 73GP 6G 13A 19PTS 41PIM
Mark Stuart: 82GP 3G 6A 9PTS 111PIM
Andrew Ference: 47GP 0G 5A 5PTS 42PIM
Adam McQuaid: 31GP 1G 2A 3PTS 37PIM
Andrew Bodnarchuk: 15GP 0G 0A 0PTS 12PIM
Matt Barkowski: 7GP 0G 4A 4PTS 8PIM

Forwards: 220-232 Goals
Defense: 42 Goals
Total: 262-274 goals


* Will start the season on LTIR. Savard will miss the entire month of October; date of return is uncertain. Marco Sturm is projected to be back late November-mid December.

Projected Lines

Offense (To start the year)
Line 1: Milan Lucic - David Krejci - Nathan Horton
Line 2: Jordan Caron - Patrice Bergeron - Mark Recchi
Line 3: Blake Wheeler - Tyler Seguin - Michael Ryder
Line 4: Daniel Paille - Gragory Campbell - Shawn Thornton
Scratch: Brad Marchand

Note: This is all speculation, but the third line will certainly consist of a rookie (in my opinion, it will be a battle between Hamill [center], Jordan Caron [left wing] and Joe Colborne [center]). Brad Marchand winning a spot on the third line seems like a long shot. Expect Hamill (21 years old) to get the spot, at least for the month of October. Caron is making a case for himself, though. Hamill doesn't deserve a spot on the third line, but him being there will allow the Bruins more time to carefully develop the young players. (September 27 2010)*

Lineup will change once Marco Sturm and/or Marc Savard come back. Expect a young player (Hamill or whoever wins the spot on the third line) to be sent down, and a possible trade (most likely involving Michael Ryder). But, what happens if Ryder begins the season by tearing it up, popping goals right and left? I cannot see Sturm or Ryder on the fourth line while Shawn Thornton, Greggory Campbell or Daniel Paille sit out. It will be interesting to see what unfolds. (September 27 2010)*

Notes (October 2): Zach Hamill was sent down to the AHL this past week, which left the two remaining spots (second line forward and 13th forward). Brad Marchand, Jordan Caron & Brian MaGrattan are now fighting for the remaining two spots. It does seem that Jordan Caron will win a spot on the second line. Caron has been skating a ton with Bergeron & Recchi, while Tyler Seguin has been centering Wheeler & Ryder this past week.

Line 1: Zdeno Chara - Dennis Seidenberg
Line 2: Johnny Boychuk - Matt Hunwick
Line 3: Mark Stuart - Andrew Ference
Scratch: Adam McQuaid

Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask


Monday, October 4, 2010

Notes From The Other Side: An Unfinished Thought

It's been a while. It has. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I sat here and took my time to write something on this blog other than predicting Bruins stats. I haven't written anything down besides numbers. Well, that is if you don't count school work. So, the question is what the fuck have I been doing lately.

I'll tell you what the fuck I've been doing lately, the Wire. Not humping it or anything like that. Fuck no. I've been watching it, you dirty minded ass. Back to the magnificent drama t.v series called the Wire. A show that began in 2002 and ended in 2008. A show that not many heard or watched until it was coming to an end. That's partially because it aired on HBO. It focused more on developing characters and the story properly.

It is rare for a show to have an abundance of characters that are all properly developed, and none left behind to rot and slowly disappear like other shows (i.e. Lost, Smallville, and all those bullshit Vampire shows not named True Blood). 5 seasons, each focusing on a particular institution (School, politics, newspaper, port) and drugs, all the while tying every loose end.

All this talk and thought about the Wire has made me think about what are my top 5 favorite shows. I can seriously have some fun with that. In fact, my next blog will be dedicated to my top 5 shows. However, it will not just be a list of the 5 shows. Nope. I will briefly describe what the show is about, why it is in my top 5, and why you should be watching it. Fuck, that is a splendid idea.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Gold, Baby, It's Gold!

It's been a while, hasn't it? It sure has. I didn't miss the internet, I can tell you that much. It's better to spend one day as a lion then a hundred years as a sheep. I'm paraphrasing. Don't ask me why I have written what I have written. Meh.

Alright. Oh, almost forgot. I've been in Italy and Switzerland from 15th August to 5th September. The only regret was that I wish I could have stayed longer. Oh, and McDonald's better start selling beer with their hamburger trios. That's right, beer. It's how it's done in Europe.

Switzerland. Magnifique. I can never get bored of seeing mountain after mountain. Such beauty. And the french in Geneva - french from France of course - is romantic, and better than this so-called french here in Quebec. Fuck that. It is so much cleaner, and more enjoyable than here. But shit is expensive. Oh yeah. Zurich too, but it, too, is magnifique. More German, though, since it's near the border of Germany. I stayed in Lugano, too. South of Switzerland, near border of Italy. Sweet. Surrounded by a great big lake (forgot what it's called. Specific name, I think).

I love Switzerland. And the women there too.

Italy. I went to a bunch of places. Florence: the art of love. Beautiful architect, and lovely history (though not as eye-opening as the history of Rome. Sorry Florence). Padova: their passion for Sant' Antonio. Religious, but a lovely and passionate city. Venice: You need to see it to believe it. Panni: Great town on a mountain. Homes crammed together, seeing the same people every day, and feeling like one big family. Roccamonfina: the little brother of Panni (in my eyes). Rome: aaahh, Rome. Ancient history. Ruins. Romans. Colosseum. Roman Forum. Fountain of Trevi. The list goes on.

That's all for now. I know you're disappointed in the lack of detail, but life isn't fair is it?